CoRSU was established in 2006 as a private non profit, non government organization in Uganda after extensive consultation with various stake holders. It is a Ugandan initiative which was encouraged and supported by CBM with the main aim of expanding and improving the rehabilitation services for children and people with disability.
The primary focus is on children with physical impairment for whom CoRSU provides Orthopaedic and Plastic/Reconstructive surgical interventions and rehabilitation services. CoRSU provides subsidised treatment for CWDs below 17 years of age.
The Vision of CoRSU is that people with disability in Uganda are able to access rehabilitation services that improve their quality of life and that they are fully integrated in society.
CoRSU’s Mission is to be a key player in Uganda in preventing disability and reducing the consequences of impairment, through the provision of accessible, affordable, appropriate quality medical, therapy and community rehabilitation services for people with disability, prioritizing children.


Phoenix Surgical Centre is your private wing at CoRSU.

We provide expert and quality care in musculoskeletal health, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery as well Orthopaedic surgery. Patients get fast track consultation with a doctor of their choice, well-furnished, spacious, self-contained private rooms and special meals prepared on request.

Our Orthopaedic department offers treatment for 

Joint arthritis, Total hip and knee replacement, Sports injury , Arthroscopic surgery, Other adult orthopaedic  conditions

Our Plastic/ Reconstruction Department offers

Head and neck surgery, Hand surgery, Cosmetic surgery , Other Plastic and Reconstruction surgeries

Therapy department

This department aims at rehabilitating and restoring body movements and functioning of the individual.

Conditions handled

Pre and post-operative conditions, Musculo-skeletal impairments, Post trauma conditions, Neurological conditions/ congenital abnormalities like Cerebral palsy, Spina bifida, hydrocephalus, Clubfoot etc.


Exercise therapy, Electrotherapy (IRR, TENS, CPM), Massage,Provision of prosthetics and other Orthopaedic assistive devices such as crutches, walking frames, splints and braces

The income from private patients is used to subsidise further the cost of surgery and rehabilitation services for poor children with disability.


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