CoRSU holds first Information health session on the benefits of Arthroscopy

One of the images used to illustrate how an arthroscopic procedure can be done

CoRSU held its first ever Health Information Session on Arthroscopy services on 3rd September, at Hotel Africana. The session was tailored for staff of health clubs, sports associations and health facilities.

The aim for convening this session was to raise awareness on available diagnosis and treatment of joint injuries using #Arthroscopy . Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure on a joint in which an examination and sometimes treatment is performed using an arthroscope inserted in the joint through a small incision.

Who needs Arthroscopy?

Patients with joint problems such as pain, tumors, frayed or loose bodies and infections in the joints.  These illnesses are commonly found among athletes and the elderly. According to Dr Robert Ayella, some of the main areas that can be diagnosed and treated with #Arthroscopy are: Knees, shoulders, hips, ankle joints, wrists and the spine.

The keynote presentation on arthroscopy was delivered by Dr Moses Muhumuza, one of the six Orthopaedic surgeons at CoRSU. He elaborated on which parts of the body arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment can be performed.

He also explained the advantages that arthroscopic treatment has over conventional open surgery. These include; minimal soft tissue dissection, small capsular incisions, decreased postoperative pain, decreased stiffness, early return to function and few complications.

A team of our in-house and visiting surgeons have so far successfully performed more than 25 arthroscopic surgeries. Compared to the costs of getting the procedure abroad, the charge of treatment is relatively cheaper in Uganda.




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