Commissioning of the new Anaesthetic machines

CoRSU has officially unveiled two new anaesthetic machines that were recently acquired.
One of the machines was purchased using part of the money that was donated by Brussels airlines through the February 2014 Bike for Africa tour.

The second machine was donated by Drager, a Germany company that specialises in making breathing and protection equipment, gas detection and analysis systems, and non-invasive patient monitoring technologies.
According to Dr. Sarah Hodges, the CoRSU Medical Director, these machines will enable us to deliver high quality, safe anaesthesia to even the smallest baby. “These machines have a variety of functions that enable us to deliver high end care to all types of patients. We do complex surgery on some very small babies and children and these machines allow us to do this safely.” Explains Dr. Sarah explains.
The two state of the art machines will go a long way in helping us to improve service delivery to our patients.

During the commissioning, Brussels airlines country manager Sebastiaan Spijkers pledged to continue supporting CoRSU to restore hope to children with ability.
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